Tonight, Vitor Belfort returns to Brazil and the Octagon to take on Dan Henderson for a third time in the main event of UFC Fight Night 77.

Belfort won the most recent bout, which also took place in Brazil, while Henderson scored a win in the first meeting while both were competing for Pride.

During a recent edition of “UFC Tonight,” co-hosts Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian discussed the contest, with each asking “which Belfort shows up?”

Daniel Cormier on Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson

“The real question we have for Vitor Belfort is which guy will show up on fight night? Is it the guy with the spinning back kick that knocked out Luke Rockhold? The one who knocked out Dan Henderson going backwards with a counter, and landed that head kick knock out against Michael Bisping? Or will it be the guy who tires out like he did against Weidman. But when you listen to Vitor, he believes in his team and believes in his training process. When he’s like that, he can beat anyone.”

Kenny Florian on if Belfort will show up ready for the fight

“What Vitor Belfort are we going to see? Will it be the one switching camps? Will it be the explosive striker who’s a fast starter? Or could he gas out like he did against Weidman? We know that when he’s at his best, he’s beating the best at both 205 and 185 pounds.”

Cormier on what Henderson needs watch out for against Belfort

“When Dan beat Belfort at PRIDE, he pursued him and didn’t have to worry about counter. Vitor has developed a counter punch now and has the power to counter. If Vitor lands clean, he can take him out.”

Florian on how Henderson should fight Belfort

“Dan Henderson has to stay off the centerline and feint his way in to Vitor. He can’t just rush in. This is a five-round fight and he needs to pace himself. He needs to let Vitor get tired. We all know Vitor does wear down. Dan needs to get in clinch with Vitor and wear him out.”

Florian on Belfort’s keys to victory

“Vitor Belfort is a very fast southpaw. And he uses those southpaw weapons very well, especially that left high kick. He’s taken so many people out by that. When he’s using a lot of variety and weapons, he’s extremely dangerous. Key one is for him to use his footwork against Henderson who likes to plod forward. He needs to circle away from the power. Key two is to control the pace, he can’t gas out. Key three is throw combinations because when he lands them, he’s usually taking people out.”

Cormier on Henderson’s keys to victory

“Dan Henderson is a plodding guy who’s trying to get off big punches on his opponents. He does his best work in clinch, but he’s known for power and if his right hand lands, he has the ability to put guys out. He needs to throw combinations and mix things up because Vitor is going to be throwing combos, too. He has to apply constant pressure, but smart pressure. He can’t just move forward. He has to move off the center line and create some angles so Vitor doesn’t have a stationary target. He has to get back to his wrestling a little. He’s fallen in love with his power. If he wrestles and takes angles, he can win it.”

Cormier on Henderson’s set up to the H-Bomb

“It’s an old Team Quest thing that goes back to Randy Couture. They throw an inside leg kick to get the opponent to look down and then unload the overhand right. Bisping played right into it and got knocked out. As you see against Shogun, it’s a distraction, a blinder. He does the same thing again to Shogun, and it dropped him every time he did it. When he throws the inside leg kick, you’ve got to circle away from it and not look down and be distracted by it.”