For several months, we didn’t really know what Jon Jones’ mindset was in terms of his future, but it seems pretty clear now that “Bones” is bent on getting back his title.

Recently the UFC announced that it has reinstated Jones, following the news that he’s reached a plea deal with New Mexico authorities. The announcement also came not long after Jones relayed on Twitter that “I’m gonna show you how great I am”.

Recently the former light-heavyweight champ’s agent, Malki Kawa, appeared on “The MMA Hour”. While doing so, Kawa had this to say about Jones and what the 28 year-old’s been up to (quote via MMA

“The only word that can really describe Jon right now is ‘focused,'” Kawa said. “I’ve never seen him this focused. He’s super focused. He’s more focused than he’s ever been before. Everybody’s got their opinions. He did this, he did that, whatever. That’s all fine and dandy. He’s still the greatest fighter we’ve ever seen, right. I’m watching him through many different camps, and the coaches have told me how he does many different things through many different camps. This is the first time that he doesn’t have a fight scheduled, he’s in Albuquerque, and he’s actually training. Most of the time when he doesn’t have a fight, he doesn’t train at all. There’s no weightlifting, there’s no jiu-jitsu practice, there’s no boxing, there isn’t anything. So, this is the first time we can sit here, all of us, and say he’s actually putting in some work. And he’s really putting in some work.”

How about that? Depending on whether you’re a fan of Jones, or a possible opponent, then these comments are likely pretty interesting / scary…Could Jones come back to the 205 division, and be even more dominant than he was before?

So far, the UFC hasn’t reported when it hopes to have Jones fight again. Everyone knows that he’ll take on his rival and reigning champ Daniel Cormier next.

Jones decisioned Cormier back in January, in what was one of the most highly anticipated fights in recent memory. Most recently, at UFC 192 on October 3rd, Cormier earned a split decision win over Alexander Gustafsson.