Georges St-Pierre recently reported that he’s thinking about returning to the Octagon “more and more”, and since then, there’s been plenty of talk about the former champ.

Case in point, prior to UFC Fight Night 76 on Saturday, Rory MacDonald attended a Q&A session in Dublin. Not surprisingly, the Tristar fighter was asked about the possible return of his teammate and buddy. Here is some of what MacDonald had to say (quotes via Bloody

“From what we’ve talked about, he’s not coming back for the belt,” MacDonald said. “He’s coming back for the odd fight I think that interests him”

“If… If he comes back…. Okay, keep it in your pants,” Rory said with a laugh. “I don’t know if he’s coming back. But as far as I know, if he does I think he’s more interested in super-fights and whatnot.”

How about that? Kind of seems like MacDonald might have spilled the beans there a bit no? This also comes not long after Tristar’s Firas Zahabi said that he believes GSP “can’t walk away” just yet.

That aside, MacDonald’s comments aren’t that surprising. Since GSP announced his hiatus back in 2013, the Canadian has repeatedly said that being welterweight champ for so long was a massive burden. So, when you also consider that St-Pierre is 34, and that he really has nothing to prove, it’s not hard to imagine him wanting to sidestep the title picture.

Of course, staying away from the belt would also mean GSP wouldn’t have to face his friend MacDonald. Currently the latter is ranked #1 in the UFC’s 170 division.