A lot of folks continue to wonder and debate whether Georges St-Pierre will return to the Octagon, but it doesn’t sound like Robbie Lawler’s one of them.

Ever since GSP announced he was taking a break from fighting in 2013, there’s been no shortage of speculation as to whether the former welterweight champ would come back. Every now and then, however, GSP or someone in his camp makes a comment that hints he might, and talk about the star kicks into high gear.

Case in point, recently St-Pierre said he’s thinking about fighting again “more and more”. As a result, during a recent media event, Lawler was asked to weigh-in on GSP. Here is some of what the welterweight champ had to say (quote via MMA Fighting.com):

“Who knows?” Lawler said. “Are there aliens out there? It’s one of those things where, if he comes back, he comes back. If he doesn’t, I don’t stay up late at night thinking about it.”

How about that? And Lawler certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would lose sleep about any fighter returning to the welterweight division. Yes, even if it’s the greatest welterweight of all time. It’s also worth noting that GSP believes he’s seen a UFO…

Condit was also asked about St-Pierre, who decisioned him back in 2012 at UFC 154. “The Natural Born Killer” noted that he’d like to “avenge all my losses”. Fair enough.

Lawler and Condit will square off at UFC 195 January 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.