Recently Georges St-Pierre relayed that he’s been thinking about fighting again “more and more”, and clearly his coach thinks there’s a good chance that GSP will be back.

Unless you’re brand spanking new to the sport of mixed-martial-arts, then you know that St-Pierre is coming up on the two year anniversary, of when he announced a hiatus from fighting. Earlier this year, GSP admitted he’s thought about making a comeback, but the 34 year-old has never said he’ll fight again.

Recently, his head coach, Firas Zahabi, appeared on “The MMA Hour”. The Tristar coach was asked about his star fighter, and whether he thinks GSP will be back. Here is some of what Zahabi had to say (quote via MMA

“I know Georges so well, I know him better than himself,” Zahabi said. “I know Georges. I don’t know if he can walk away. I don’t think he can. I never talk to him about this stuff, because when I see him — everybody’s been asking him every single day everywhere he goes. I know that because everybody’s asking me every single day who he’s fighting.

“I just personally think he cannot sit on the sidelines for too long. That’s just the type of guy Georges is. He’s just that type of personality. He has to compete. And when he’s really done with fighting one day, he’s going to compete in something else. He’s just a competitor…”

There have been other times when signs were pointing to a GSP comeback, but then, nothing was announced. It certainly seems like it’s a possibility, and of course, the debate continues as to whether GSP should.

The Canadian left the sport still holding a world championship belt, and very few combat sports athletes ever retire as champ. Further, one has to wonder if St-Pierre can be the force he was before, considering he’s undergone a second, ACL surgery.

If he does come back, however, 2016 could be a huge, huge year for the UFC.