Sage Northcutt has a ton of hype behind him these days, but Stephen Thompson has advised the lightweight prospect to take his time working his way up…

Northcutt made his Octagon debut at UFC 192 earlier this month, and since he was featured on Dana White’s “Looking for a Fight”, there was a ton of buzz tied to the bout. The 19 year-old went out and put away Francisco Trevino with strikes in less than a minute. That’s how you make an entrance.

Well, recently Thompson spoke to Bloody, and after noting that Northcutt comes from a Karate background like himself, he offered the prospect this advice:

“I would give him some advice. He had a great first fight in the UFC. With that first round knockout, you’re excited and sometimes the UFC will put you up against a veteran fighter. Maybe he’s not ready for that,” Thompson said.

“He was 5-0, the same as me before I came into the UFC. I had my first fight, a spectacular first round knockout, and then the next fight they put me against Matt Brown (Brown won by decision). I would like to see him work his way up slowly. Just get that Octagon experience before he takes on the high level guys.”

Although some Northcutt boosters might disagree with Thompson, really, “Wonderboy” makes a very good point. Especially when you consider how young Northcutt is, there’s no reason why he needs to be thrown in against a top 15 guy in the short term future.

Thompson, meanwhile, is coming off a jaw dropping, spinning kick, knockout win over Jake Ellenberger in July. The vaunted striker has gone 6-1 in the UFC to date.