If you thought TJ Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male would quickly blow over, boy were you wrong…

Yes, it’s been several days now since it was announced Dillashaw is no longer with TAM,  and the bantamweight champ and Faber continue to trade shots through the media. Although both men have said they want to remain friends, it’s pretty clear there’s some hurt feelings about what’s gone down.

Initially, Dillashaw said he hoped to continue training with TAM in the future, but Faber’s not on board with that idea. Now both guys have gone on record saying they’d fight each other.

Well, recently Faber was a guest on MMA Junkie.com Radio, and here is some of what the TAM founder had to say about Dillashaw (quote via MMA Junkie.com):

“It’s unfortunate,” Faber said. “I haven’t listened to the interviews, but it sounds like T.J.’s trying to turn himself into a victim like he was kicked out of our gym, and that’s by no means what happened. He said, ‘I’m from now on, I’m going to be doing all my training camps and be representing a new team,’ and that was a choice that he made and I have to respect that…”

Faber went on to say that he doesn’t “feel sorry” for Dillashaw, since the latter has decided to take the paid gig (Elevation is going to pay the champ to train there).

So, with all this drama, obviously the UFC’s going to have plenty of promotional material to use if Dillashaw-Faber ever gets booked.

In the meantime, Dillashaw is scheduled to fight Dominick Cruz on January 17th, and Faber will face Frankie Saenz on December 12th.