Although John Lineker isn’t knocking on the title shot door at 135 just yet, the heavy handed fighter says he could take out both the reigning champ TJ Dillashaw, and former champ, Dominick Cruz.

After struggling to make 125 pounds on multiple occasions, Lineker decided to move up to bantamweight earlier this year, and in September he submitted Francisco Rivera. Since Lineker has gone 7-2 in the UFC to date, the Brazilian was moved into the #12 ranking at 135.

It remains to be seen who Lineker will fight next, but recently he appeared on “The MMA Hour” to discuss his move to the bantamweight division. Lineker relayed that he’s hoping to fight a top five ranked bantamweigh, and that he believes if he scores a couple more impressive finishes, he’ll lock up a title shot.

Then, Lineker was asked if he believes he could stop Dillashaw and Cruz, and here is what he had to say (quote via MMA

“For sure,” Lineker said. “They move a lot, but that’s not a problem. They would have to get closer to hit me, and once you get closer, I’m hitting you back. I would not hunt them down, I would let them come.”

Now, if you’ve watched Lineker over the last couple of years, then you won’t be surprised to hear him say this. They don’t call him “Hands of Stone” because he moves his fists quickly…But, catching ridiculously agile fighters like Dillashaw or Cruz isn’t easy.

Those two are scheduled to fight in the main event of the UFC’s January 17th, Fight Night card in Boston.

Lineker also said in the interview that he believes he can fight more often now, as he doesn’t need to cut as much weight. Hopefully we get to see the 25 year-old throw down more often.