It’s pretty hard to believe that 19-year-old prospect Sage Northcutt does not train full-time.

Northcutt, who attends college, did take time off from school to prepare for his UFC debut. But, he’s thinking about doing even more – training, not school – moving forward.

“Last semester, I was taking classes full time and I didn’t have enough time to train MMA. This semester, I took off some of my classes and this was the first fight I truly got to train for,” he said, during a recent interview on UFC Tonight. “I might take a little time off from school to train. I’d be a totally different animal if I trained full time.”

The youngest fighter on the UFC roster, Northcutt has the same goal as everybody else: gold.

“When I was nine years old, I was on the cover of Sport Karate magazine,” he said. “Then I said that I’d fight in the UFC. Now I’ve done that and I believe I can win the title belt. That’s my new goal.”