Conor McGregor has repeatedly criticized and insulted Jose Aldo from withdrawing from UFC 189, and as their UFC 194 bout approaches, clearly that’s not about to change.

Unless you’re new to all this MMA stuff, then you know that Aldo pulled out of a July 11th fight with McGregor, due to a rib injury. McGregor went on to stop short notice replacement Chad Mendes, and after winning the interim 145 belt, he reported he was also injured prior to the fight.

Since then, however, more details have begun to emerge about the extent of the injury. McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, has said that a knee injury prevented McGregor from doing any live wrestling in preparation for the bout.

Well, in a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour”, McGregor had this to say about his injury, and Mr. Aldo (quote via MMA

“I re-injured my leg,” McGregor said. “I couldn’t walk, I could not walk. The was a period in camp where I couldn’t even stand up straight. Two weeks before the fight was when I started throwing kicks again…”

“Every damn day I woke up I said to myself, the true greats, they conquer adversity, true greats can slice through adversity no problem,” McGregor added later. “Jose had his adversity and he ran from it. He might be able to come back from it, but he will never be able to leave the fact that he ran when I didn’t.”

Now sure, Aldo fans will point to the fact that he’s widely considered to be the greatest featherweight of all time for a reason. If he determined fighting McGregor at far less than 100% was the wrong way to go, so be it.

All this aside, hopefully neither man goes down with an injury before UFC 194 takes place (collective knock on wood). It would be a huge, huge, travesty if this fight got postponed for a second time.

UFC 194 will take place on December 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card will also feature middleweight champion Chris Weidman taking on Luke Rockhold.