Now that the prelim action for UFC 192 has concluded, it’s time to move to the main card, and the headliner between light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson.

Jessica Eye vs. Julianna Pena

Round 1: Both bantamweights are chucking bombs. They clinch up and Pena falls to her back. They work there way back up. Eye is looking for a guillotine but gives it up. They’re working along the cage. Pena with some knees to the body. Pena sweeps to her the floor. Eye gets back to her feet. More clinch work. Pena with a nice trip. Latter is in sidemount. Pena plants a couple of elbows. Some more elbows from Pena. Round ends.

Round 2: Eye fires some big punches and clinches up briefly. Action spills to the mat and Eye’s on top. Latter’s in half guard and is landing some shots from above. Wow. Eye moves to the back of Pena. Latter scrambles out but now Eye is working an arm-triangle-choke. Pena’s defending as Eye’s still in half-guard. Eye gives up the choke. Wow. Scramble ensues as Eye rolls for a sub. Eye knees Pena to the head. Ref stops the action and deducts a point. Then, the action is re-started standing…weird. They chuck big shots. Round ends.

Round 3: Pena charges out and sweeps Eye to the mat. Pena’s working within guard. Eye is looking for an inverted triangle but Pena defends. Now Pena moves to her back. Wow. Pena is working a choke and this could be it. Crazy. Eye manages to move to her back. Pena lands some shots from above. Pena is looking for a one armed guillotine. Eye is clearly uncomfortable but the final horn goes.

Julianna Pena def. Jessica Eye via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Ali Bagautinov vs. Joseph Benavidez

Round 1: Benavidez flurries in but doesn’t land anything big. Benavidez follows up with a big right. Bagautinov is winging big counters but hasn’t found the mark.  Benavidez with a straight right. Bagautinov fires a hard leg kick. Benavidez is cut by his left eye. Bagautinov is really looking to land the big counter. Benavidez shoots but can’t the TD. Benavidez throws a couple of kicks that miss. Round ends.

Round 2: Replay shots uppercut from Bagautinov likely led to cut (which is fairly big). Benavidez storms in and plants a nice right. Benavidez threatens with a head kick. Big left from Benavidez. Hard body kick from the latter. Bagautinov is still loading up but is struggling to land. Both guys wing big punches that miss. Bagautinov goes for a single but Benavidez counters. Bagautinov times a kick attempt nicely from Benavidez and briefly sweeps him to the floor. Round ends.

Round 3. Benavidez’s cut is hardly noticeable now. Bagautinov with a big right. Action slows a bit. Some fans boo. Bagautinov lands a left but takes a knee. Benavidez continues to do a good job of moving in, landing shot, and then moving out of the pocket. Bagautinov gets a TD but Benavidez gets back to his feet. More boos. Final horn goes.

Joseph Benavidez def. Ali Bagautinov via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Benavidez ask fans to stop booing…tells them to try fighting Bagautinov. 

Shawn Jordan vs. Ruslan Magomedov

Round 1: Magomedov with a side kick. Jordan flurries in but doesn’t connect. Jordan charges in and clinches up. Jordan is looking for a TD and gets it. Magomedov ist trying to get back to his feet and finally does. Magomedov is looking for a kimura. Magomedov gives it up. Magomedov fires a head kick. Magomedov with a nice right. Jordan lunges in with a big left and eats a counter right. Round ends. More boos…

Rogan believes Jordan relayed to his corner that his rib is broken.

Round 2: Jordan flurries in with some big punches. Wow. Magomedov eats a big right. Jordan clinches up. Magomedov breaks free. Jordan comes in again and is looking for the TD. Magomedov stays up. Wow. Magomedov throws a head kick on the break and it may have grazed Jordan’s eye. Magomedov with a leg kick. Jordan has a small cut by his left eye. Headkick attempt from Magomedov. Nice jab from Magomedov. Wow. Magomedov wings another head kick off the break that just misses. Jordan’s left eye is starting to swell. Round ends.

Round 3: Magomedov throws a kick but takes a counter hook. Jordan is looking for another TD. Magomedov reverses and has Jordan against the cage. Magomedov with an elbow. Couple big kick attempts from Magomedov. Now Jordan is cut by both eyes. Magomedov with a solid 1 -2. Jordan storms in but Magomedov side steps him. Magomedov with a hard front kick to the body. Jordan is really getting outgunned this round. Jordan clinches up.  Magomedov with another head kick attempt of the break. Magomedov follows up with several more shots. Another fight goes the distance.

Ruslan Magomedov def. Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Ryan Bader vs. Rashad Evans

Round 1: Evans with a nice left hook. Bader with a big leg kick. Bader cracks Evans to the body with a kick. Nice uppercut from Bader. Evans lands a jab. Bader changes levels but Evans moves aside. Bader with another uppercut. Evans with a few jabs. Evans lunges in but misses with a right. Evans flurries in and lands a nice left. Bader breaks away. Evans fires an overhand right that misses. Round ends.

Round 2: Evans pushes forward. Bader with a counter right and a left. Bader fires a side kick to the body. Evans throws a kick to the body. Latter has some swelling by his left eye. Beautiful TD from Bader. Evans gets to his feet. Bader drags him back down. Evans gets back to his feet. Evans misses with a huge over hand right. Bader kicks him to the body. Bader lands a couple of jabs but takes a right. Evans right  eye is badly swollen now. Evans fires a hard leg kick. Both guys continue to stay busy. Evans chucks a big right that grazes Bader. Evans shoots but Bader defends. Round ends.

Round 3: Evans likely needs a finish to win. Latter continues to press forward but he’s having trouble landing anything hard. Evans flurries in but again, Bader avoids any big shots. They clinch up. Bader with an elbow. Hard body kick from the latter. Another nice elbow from Bader in the clinch. Bader scores another TD but Evans pops right back up. Bader changes levels again. Final horn goes. Impressive performance by Bader.

Ryan Bader def. Rashad Evans  via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Daniel Cormier vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round 1: Gustafsson is circling away to his right. Cormier fires a leg kick, and another. Gustafsson throws a body kick and Cormier storms in. Wow. Cormier tosses Gustafsson up in the air and to the ground. Gustafsson moves into guard. Gustafsson almost gets back to his feet but Cormier counters. Cormier is keeping busy but isn’t landing too much from above. Gustafsson looks for a triangle but Cormier shrugs it off. Elbow from Cormier. Latter moves into side control but Gustafsson springs back to his feet. Gustafsson with a leg kick. Cormier wings a big right that grazes Gustafsson. Now Gustafsson changes levels and Cormier slips to the mat. Champ jumps back up. Round ends.

Round 2: Gustafsson with a hook to the body. Gustafsson threatens with a big 1 -2. Gustafsson changes levels to keep Cormier at bay. Nicely once. Cormier eats a right and he’s cut by his right eye. Gustafsson with a knee. Cormier tries to take him down but can’t.Wow. Gustafsson scores a TD. Cormier lands a big right. Champs changes levels and pushes Gustafsson to the cage. Gustafsson breaks away. Gustafsson throws a kick to the body. Nice knee from Gustafsson to the body. Cormier clinches up and fires off some big uppercuts. Nice combo from Cormier. Gustafsson misses with a front kick. Both guys wing big rights. Cormier chucks in a huge right that grazes the challenger. Gustafsson counters with an elbow. Wow. Gustafsson scores another TD. Crazy. Cormier gets back to his feet. Round ends.

Round 3: Gustafsson lands a right. Hard knee to the body from Gustafsson. Cormier fires a body kick. Gustafsson plants a hard uppercut. Cormier lands a couple of hard rights. Gustafsson is bleeding out of his nose. Gustafsson plants a nice right. They clinch up and Cormier lands several big rights. Gustafsson changes levels and Cormier sprawls. Gustafsson lands a few jabs. Gustafsson digs a hook to the body. Cormier lands another right and Gustafsson is bleeding very badly now. Gustafsson lands a massive knee to the face and a follow up punch and Cormier goes to the mat. Crazy. Cormier gets back to his feet. Round ends. Unbelievable.

Round 4: Gustafsson goes to the body again with a hook. Body kick from Gustafsson. Elbow from Gustafsson. Gustafsson changes levels and pushes Cormier to the fence. Cormier lands an uppercut. Cormier fires off a back fist. Cormier chases after Gustafsson and lands a right. Gustafsson fires off several jabs. Cormier wings a big right. Gustafsson looked at his right hand several moments ago and hasn’t thrown it since. Now he does. Cormier continues to pressure Gustafsson. Gustafsson changes levels but Cormier defends. Cormier plants another right. Gustafsson continues to circle away. Cormier lands a hard right. Round ends. Close fight.

Round 5: This fight could be 2 rounds a piece. Gustafsson is keeping busy with the left. Gustafsson plants a nice straight right. Cormier comes in with a big right. Cormier is still moving forward constantly. Action has slowed a bit–not surprisingly. Gustafsson looks for a TD but can’t get it. Cormier clinches up and lands several punches. More dirty boxing from the champ. Gustafsson throws a knee that misses. Gustafsson pushes him to the cage but Cormier works his way out. Cormier fires another right. They clinch up again. Gustafsson with a right. Both guys are exhausted but continue to work. Unbelievable. Gustafsson lands another knee. Epic war ends.

Daniel Cormier def.  Alexander Gustafsson via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)