After being pulled from a title shot eliminator at UFC 192, due to weight cutting issues, it sounds like Johny Hendricks might not return to the welterweight division…

Unless you’ve been giving the internet the silent treatment, then you know that Hendricks has been pulled from his fight with Tyron Woodley, which was scheduled for tonight. The former welterweight champ reportedly suffered an intestinal blockage, and incurred a kidney stone, while trying to make 170.

Well, after Hendricks’ withdrawal, the UFC announced that Woodley will challenge for the title next (following the title fight between champion Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit on January 2nd).

All this is a huge setback for “Bigg Rigg”, as well as the UFC, considering how pivotal of a bout this was. While discussing Hendricks, and what’s unfolded, here’s what Dana White told Yahoo Sports:

“Right now, I consider Johny Hendricks a middleweight,” White said. “He’s near-death every time he cuts to 170. It’s hard every time. It’s dangerous and we’re not going to let guys do that. Sometimes, you have to protect guys from themselves.

“We just need to be very careful in these kinds of situations. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we let this guy keep trying to fight at a weight that he clearly can’t make [safely].”

 It’s certainly true that Hendricks has had trouble cutting to 170 in the past, and the wrestler has said bad weight cuts have contributed to poor performances. The question is, will the 5’9 tall fighter agree to move up to 185? He’s raised it as a possibility in the past?

UFC 192 will go down at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.