UFC 192’s main event between Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson went into the “Strikezone” during a recent episode of “UFC Tonight.”

Check out what Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping feel are the keys to victory for both the UFC light heavyweight champion and his challenger.

“He has to provide constant pressure,” Bisping said of Cormier. “He has to close the gap on Gustafsson, push him against fence and take him down. He’s got to land takedowns. He’s got a huge advantage there and has to get his hands on him and use his wrestling.

“If and when, because he will get it, he has to maintain the top position. He has to take position over submission.”

As for the top contender, this marks a second crack at becoming UFC champion for Gustafsson. He lost a decision to Jon Jones the first time around.

“We all talk about his reach advantage. But what I’m most impressed with is his footwork,” Florian said. “He has the ability to always be in the proper range for his knees and his nasty uppercut. He has to utilize the reach, keep Cormier on outside, utilize those long-range weapons. He needs to use his footwork to be in the proper range and finally he has to stop the takedown.

“If he can do these things, he will win the fight. This is not an easy fight for Cormier. Gustafsson’s been around the block and he’s very dangerous.”