It remains to be seen where Fedor Emelianenko ends up signing, and while a bout with Anderson Silva apparently isn’t in the works, the UFC is still in the bidding for “The Last Emperor”…

If you’re saying ‘who said anything about Anderson Silva’ right now, well, reportedly Chael Sonnen did. On a recent episode of “The American Gangter’s” podcast, Sonnen said he’s been hearing rumors about a light-heavyweight superfight between Silva and Fedor.

White was recently in Australia to promote UFC 193, and the promotion’s president was asked about the rumor. Here is what he had to say (quote via MMA

“That’s completely false,” White told reporters via Submission Radio. “You know, the Fedor thing has been this weird deal for a long time. We’ve obviously talked to Fedor many times and tried to get it done, and we’ll see how this thing plays out. But no, there’s absolutely no truth to that whatsoever. Sorry Chael.”

Fedor-Silva does seem like a bit of stretch, since Emelianenko has never said he’s moving to 205, despite the fact a lot of people think he should. If the UFC could book that fight, however, it would be absolutely massive.

What’s interesting hear is that White didn’t say they were done talking with Fedor’s camp, so, one could infer that they’re closer than ever before to signing the former PRIDE champ. Bellator’s Scott Coker has already said the promotion isn’t looking to sign the 38 year-old right now, although, that could be a smoke screen.