Duane Ludwig’s departure from Team Alpha Male and issues with Urijah Faber have captured plenty of headlines in recent months, but the renowned striking coach is ready to forgive and forget.

Since Ludwig elected to leave the Sacramento based team, and return to Colorado, the retired fighter and Faber have had a few exchanges through the media. This past summer, several TAM members fired back at Ludwig, after he claimed TJ Dillashaw was the team’s only member with the drive to become champ. Dillashaw continues to train with Ludwig, as well as TAM.

Recently Ludwig spoke with the “Deep Waters Podcast“, about all the drama that’s unfolded between himself and his former team. Ludwig claims that what he was initially offered to coach the team, was not what was written in the actual contract. According to the UFC vet, the issues were never resolved, and he decided he would leave after one year.

Despite everything’s that unfolded in the last year or so, however, Ludwig said the experience overall was “priceless””. “Bang” also stated this (quote via FOX Sports.com):

“What ultimately matters is that the team operates on its full potential. And, that happens when we work together. So, anything that disrupts that is just bullsh**, and we should just fu**ing forget about it. I don’t care about the money that is owed to me. Whatever bullsh** he’s said in interviews, I don’t care.

“Everything that you think I did wrong, sorry about that … everything that I feel was done wrong, fu** it. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just squash all that bullsh** and make sure whoever chooses to train with me, has the opportunity because whoever trains with me, they do better, 100 percent, than if they didn’t train with me. And, that’s a fu***** fact.”

So, there you have it. Since Dillashaw and TAM’s Danny Castillo continue to train with Ludwig, one would think it’s in everyone’s best interests to put this all behind them.