Conor McGregor and his sizeable fanbase may be a fan of the custom made suits he rocks, but according to Urijah Faber, “Notorious” is a poser for doing so…

You may have seen the TUF 22 trailer, where McGregor took a verbal shot at Faber, for showing up on set in his usual attire. That attire often includes flip flops, a t-shirt, and jeans, in keeping with “The California Kid’s” laid back style.

Well, recently Faber was asked about McGregor’s fashion tips, and here is some of what the former WEC champ had to say (quotes via MMA

“Let’s be honest here, Conor shows up every day, to practice, to everything, in the Vegas desert, in the full get up,” Faber said. “And he’s got armpit sweat coming out to here [gesturing across his back], at one point he has an ass crack full of sweaty ass, he rips his pants at one point.”

“I’m like, bro, what’s up with the outfit,” Faber aded. “He’s like ‘I’m all business.’ I’m like, ‘dude, you’re like the Tapout guy at the bar who thinks he’s a fighter because he’s wearing Tapout.’ In this business world, Conor in a suit and tie is like the poser wearing Tapout…”

That’s an interesting take on the situation, and it likely depends on someone’s own fashion sense, as to whether they agree with Faber or not. Really, at the end of the day, what matters in this sport is what you get done in the cage, and both McGregor and Faber have excelled at that.

McGregor will battle featherweight champ Jose Aldo on December 12th at UFC 194, the same night Faber will throw down with Frankie Saenz. The event will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.