Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber seem to be getting along just fine, despite having some run ins in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean the latter wouldn’t love to fight “Notorious”.

As you almost certainly know, Faber and McGregor coached opposite one another on TUF 22, which began airing last week. Since McGregor is scheduled to fight featherweight champ Jose Aldo on December 12th, the coaches aren’t going to scrap, when the show’s run is over. Faber, meanwhile, is booked to fight Frankie Saenz that same night at UFC 194.

While it remains to be seen what goes down between Faber and McGregor during TUF 22, the two didn’t appear to be bitter enemies in recent interviews to promote the show. But, while discussing his future at a recent media luncheon, Faber did have this to say (quote via MMA

“Honestly, the best matchup for me would be Conor because he’s a bigger, slower guy,” Faber said. “And he’s susceptible to submissions and grappling. Like I said, that’s my bread and butter on top of being a guy who can strike and be durable and be fast and creative. That’s a fight also that I’d like. At 145 that’s the only fight I would do. At 135, I’m just poised and ready.”

It’s not surprising to hear Faber say this. Since Faber’s buddy and teammate Chad Mendes was stopped by McGregor, he’s argued things would have been different if “Money” had a full camp. Of course, others agree with that belief, since Mendes was winning the bout thanks to his wrestling and top game.

Really, the chances of McGregor-Faber going down anytime soon are very slim. If McGregor defeats Aldo, he’ll likely face the winner of Frankie Edgar-Chad Mendes (even if he’s said he’s not interested in fighting the latter again).