Luke Rockhold admits that Conor McGregor  is a talented fighter, but clearly the middleweight contender is far from being his biggest fan…

Unless this is the first time you’ve landed on MMA site, then you know that McGregor has taken the sport by storm, not only with his actions in the cage, but his words outside of it. In other words, no one has ever described “Notorious” as being ‘reserved’ and or ‘soft spoken’. After all, this is a guy who since he arrived in the UFC, has had few, if anything positive to say about the promotion’s top featherweights. Lately, McGregor has also outlined his plans to clean out the lightweight division, and has dismissed champion Rafael dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone while doing so.

Well, recently Rockhold appeared on Power 106, and after describing McGregor as an “anorexic leprechaun”, the former Strikeforce champ said this (quotes via Bloody

“He’s a great fighter, a good fighter, but he’s unproven. He’s the number one contender, not a champion, and we’ll see what he’s really capable of. I think he has a lot of holes in his game. He’s got a great country behind him. He’s a great talker, and he’s great for the sport. But there can only be so many of them.

“I’m lying if I say I’m not entertained by him at some points, but other times I want to slap the s**t out of him. He’s comparing himself to Van Gogh, he’s (Muhammad) Ali and all this. Even comparing himself to (Ronda) Rousey. Rousey’s here (holds hand high), and you’re down here buddy. Take your time, you know, and practice some humility.”

There you have it. Now obviously there’s more than a few people who will agree with Rockhold on this. There’s also a ton of McGregor boosters who would take issue with Rockhold’s comments. Really. it seems like McGregor’s win over Chad Mendes in July, didn’t win over that many people who were questioning whether all the hype was warranted. If he beats Jose Aldo on December 12th will more people jump on board? Or will McGregor still need to defeat a top wrestler, who has had a full camp?

Rockhold, meanwhile, is scheduled to fight middleweight champ Chris Weidman at the December 12th, UFC 194 card.