Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold have been exchanging verbal shots for a couple of weeks now, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to let up, as their December 12th fight approaches.

As you know, Rockhold has a ton of buzz and momentum behind him these days, thanks to a run that includes jaw dropping wins over notable middleweights like Michael Bisping and Lyoto Machida. Weidman, however, has repeatedly said that he’s going to cruise through the contender, and has even argued that Rockhold’s confidence is all an act…

Well, recently Rockhold appeared on MMA Radio, and while discussing why he believes he’ll end the champ’s reign, he stated (quote via MMA

“We both are guys that are pressure fighters,” Rockhold said. “We both come forward. We both control the octagon. It’s who’s going to win that battle. Weidman’s going to come forward. I’m going to come forward. I’m going to put my left leg f-cking right up wherever it goes. He’s going to realize what he’s in for, and then he’s going to start backpedaling, and then we’re going to fight my fight.”

That’s interesting to hear no? As it’s kind of hard to imagine Weidman back pedalling, although Vitor Belfort caught him with some hard shots, before he was promptly taken down and pounded out.

It’s going to be fascinating to see whether and how quickly Weidman looks to put his wrestling game in action. The champ has clearly evolved into a talented striker, but one would think he’ll look to take the fight down at some juncture, and put his vicious top game to work.

UFC 194 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 12th. In the main event, featherweight champ Jose Aldo will take on Conor McGregor.