John Dodson has taken plenty of verbal shots at Demetrious Johnson in recent months, but following his latest loss to the flyweight champ, “The Magician” was quick to credit his rival.

Since Dodson was decisioned by Johnson in 2013, he’s criticized the champ for not being outspoken enough, and not promoting the division. Dodson also predicted he’d take Johnson out at UFC 191, and repeatedly pointed to the fact that he dropped him in their first bout.

Well, after being outgunned and outworked by Johnson on Saturday, Dodson had this to say about Johnson (quote via MMA

“This time we went in there more cautious. He was more intelligent this time. I was trying to defend more takedowns and he was just trying to push that pace, and DJ did a wonderful job about that. He came at me, and my hat is off to him. You can’t sit there and badmouth him because this man is still the champion and he did something that everyone saw him doing. I couldn’t stop him.”

“Both of us have evolved, and we’ve shown that,” Dodson said. “We’ve shown that he has more aggressive power coming at me, and he landed a lot more shots to my face. I look like a monster. I look like (Rafael) dos Anjos.”

It’s pretty interesting to hear Dodson praising Johnson,  and really, it’s nice to see. Johnson came forward the entire fight and was clearly looking to get the finish. It wasn’t like he was point fighting and then running away. It was the latest in a series of impressive wins for Johnson, who has defended the belt 7 times now…

Not sure RDA and his fans are going to care for the shot Dodson took at him though….Dodson’s buddy and teammate, Donald Cerrone, is scheduled to fight dos Anjos on December 19th.