So, the prelims are over for UFC 191, and it’s time for the main card. In the headliner, flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson will take on John Dodson.

Alex Chambers vs. Paige VanZant

Round 1: VanZant comes out aggressively. Latter looks for the Muay Thai clinch but takes a right hand from Chambers. Another hard shot from Chambers. VanZant clinches up again and lands a knee to the body. Nice over hand right from Chambers. Foot stomps from VanZant. Latter lands a beautiful throw. VanZant lets Chambers back up. “12 Gauge” with some knees from the clinch. Chambers drops for a leg lock but VanZant defends. Again, VanZant fires in some strikes from the clinch. Round ends.

Round 2: VanZant starts working her clinch game again. Chambers breaks free temporarily. VanZant goes to the clinch again and starts firing knees. More of the same. Chambers needs to change the momentum of this fight. VanZant briefly threatens with a choke. Elbows from VanZant. “12 Gauge” starts pounding away with strikes and Chambers is hurt. Latter is on the mat and VanZant lands more punches. Round ends.

Round 3: VanZant comes out firing. Action spills to the floor and VanZant is looking for a RNC. Chambers defends but VanZant swings into a beautiful armbar. That’s a wrap.

Paige VanZant def. Alex Chambers via submission (armbar) R3, 1:01

Corey Anderson vs. Jan Blachowicz 

Round 1: Anderson plants a nice right hand. Hard leg kick from Blachowicz. Big left and right from Blachowicz. Cracking body kick from Blachowicz. Latter gets a double leg and puts Anderosn on the mat. Anderson gets back to his feet. Now Anderson gets a TD. Blachowicz spins for an armbar, doesn’t get it, but is back to his feet. Anderson wings a big hook. Anderson pushes Blachowicz to the cage. Round ends.

Round 2: Anderson fires a head kick that misses. Blachowicz plants another hard kick to the body. Anderson catches Blachowicz’s leg and takes him down. Anderson fires down some punches from above. Some hard elbows from Anderson. Latter is trying to pass but can’t. A couple more elbows from Anderson.  Big right hand from “Beastin 25/8”. Blachowicz continues to eat shots from above.

Round 3: Anderson runs out and promptly takes Blachowicz down. Blachowicz has a big knot on the left side of his head. Anderson is in half mount. More punches from Anderson. Blachowicz needs to do something fast. Blachowicz starts scrambling. Anderson tries to take his back and Blachowicz gets to his feet. Anderson scores another TD. More hard elbows from Anderson. Impressive win for “Beastin 25/8”.

Corey Anderson def.  Jan Blachowicz via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 29-26)

Anthony Johnson vs. Jimi Manuwa

Round 1: Manuwa with a couple of kicks. Johnson fires back with some heavy punches. Manuwa eats a straight right and Johnson takes him down. Manuwa is trying to get back to his feet but takes some heavy punches. Manuwa works his way up but is greeted by a TD. Johnson is in half guard. “Rumble” may be looking to set up a side choke. Some boos ring out. Manuwa gets back to his feet. Nicely done. Manuwa pushes Johnson to the cage. Some clinch work. Johnson reverses. Round ends.

Round 2: Light-heavyweights come out winging strikes. Huge right hand from Johnson sends Manuwa to the deck. Another follow up shot and that’s it. Manuwa thinks stoppage was too quick but he looks shaky. Pivotal win for Johnson.

Anthony Johnson def. Jimi Manuwa via KO (punch) R2, 0:28

Andrei Arlovski vs. Frank Mir 

Round 1: Arlovski with a stinging right hand. Mir clinches up. They break. Mir flurries forward. Another right hand from Arlovski. Left hand from Mir lands. Leg kick by Arlovski and Mir clinches up. Arlovski misses with a right and Mir clinches up again. Mir breaks away and then pushes Arlovski to the cage again. Arlovski reverses and breaks away. Right hand from Arlovski. Round ends.

Round 2: Arlovski throws a leg kick and Mir comes in for a TD from way out. Mir scores it. The latter lands a couple of shots from above. Elbows from Mir to the body of Arlovski. Latter is just holding on and gets the stand-up he was likely looking for.  Arlovski with a nice body kick. Mir wings a left hand and clinches up. Arlovski breaks free. Action has slowed. Mir fires a left that misses. Arlovski fires a combo. Mir flurries in but Arlovski defends. Big right from Arlovski. Mir has his hands down; gives a smile. Arlovski plants a right. Mir is cut on his right cheek. Arlovski flurries in and clinches up. Round ends.

Round 3: Arlovski fires an overhand right but Mir blocks it. They clinch up again. “Big” John McCarthy breaks them up. Now Mir charges in and they clinch up. Some fans start to boo. Arlovski still has Mir pinned to the cage. Ref splits them up. Mir changes levels but Arlovksi defends. Arlovski spills to the mat. Might have been clipped. Arlovski though rolls out and gets to his feet. Arlovski lands an elbow in the clinch. McCarthy splits them up again. Arlovski lands a nice left. And another. Arlovski pushes Mir to the cage and the latter is cut up by the right eye. Final horn sounds. Close fight.

Andrei Arlovski def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson

Round 1: Dodson charges out. Johnson fires a head kick that’s blocked. Johnson throws a leg kick and a follow up right. Johnson chucks a right and changes levels. Dodson defends. The champ wings another big right but Dodson blocks it. Johnson tries clinching up but Dodson flurries to the body. Johnson shoots in on a single but can’t get it. Now Dodson has Johnson against the cage. They break apart. Johnson lands a couple of nice rights. Johnson shoots in on a leg again but Dodson moves out. Dodson fires a kick. Johnson continues to pressure. Dodson comes forward. Round ends.

Round 2: Dodson chucks a left to start the round. Johnson comes in with a level change feint. Johnson fires a body kick but Dodson blocks it and briefly takes Johnson down. Johnson lands a right and grabs a leg. Dodson is defending well. Johnson gives it up. Johnson comes in but eats a left. Dodson pushes Johnson to the cage and then breaks away. The champ lands another right hand. They clinch against the cage. They break, Johnson charges in with a right hand and they clinch up again. Johnson is still leading the tempo. Round ends.

Round 3: Johnson looks for another TD but Dodson is defending. They exchange shots along the cage. Nice knee from Dodson. Johnson breaks away. Johnson darts in for a TD, but yet again, Dodson defends. Johnson with a nice elbow. Wow. Johnson was deep on the legs of Dodson but the challenger defends. Cracking elbow from Johnson. The champ is landing more often.  Dodson hits Johnson low but “Mighty Mouse” tells ref he’s good to go. They clinch up. Johnson goes for another TD and Dodson defends. Now Johnson takes Dodson down. Dodson scrambles out and gets to his feet. Big right hand from Johnson. Champ throws a flying knee that misses and round ends.

Round 4: Johnson storms in but Dodson counters. Hard right hand from Johnson. Leg kick from Dodson. Lead right from Johnson finds its mark again. And again. Johnson doesn’t even look tired. Champ changes levels again but Dodson defends again. Johnson throws a knee and Dodson nearly takes him down. Johnson pushes him to the cage. Dodson reverses. They break apart. Dodson clinches up. Nice left from Johnson. Dodson is cut by his left eye. Johnson takes him down. Pace of Johnson is ridiculous.

Round 5: Dodson needs a finish to win this. Johnson with some taunting. Interesting. Dodson with a hard kick to the body. Big right from Johnson. Another kick from Dodson to the body. Johnson charges in and pushes Dodson to the cage. Johnson throws Dodson to the mat. Challenger is trying to get back to his feet and does. Dodson is taking deep, deep breaths. Another right from Johnson. Dodson’s running out of time. Johnson pushes Dodson to the cage. Nice elbow from Johnson. Champ with a slam. Dodson quickly scrambles to his feet though. Dodson is really starting to wear it. Dodson flurries in but nothing lands. Johnson pushes him to the cage. Final horn sounds. Clear cut win for Johnson.

Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)