Conor McGregor attended a media function recently, and not surprisingly, the interim featherweight champ was good for several headline grabbing comments.

During the session McGregor took aim at featherweight champ Jose Aldo, again, relayed he’s not interested in fighting Chad Mendes once more, and also said he plans on conquering the lightweight division.

Well, due to meteoric rise of McGregor and Ronda Rousey, the days of wondering who can replace the star power of folks like Georges St-Pierre seem to be over. While discussing this very topic, here is some of what Mr. McGregor had to say (quotes via MMA

“As far as them searching for stars, since Georges and Anderson (left), bring Georges and Anderson back,” McGregor sai. “Do you think they’re on this level? Do you think at 26 years of age, they had all these records, all these numbers? Not even Floyd was 26 and drawing these numbers.”

“I have the game in the palm of my hand, and I know it, and they know it, and they know I know it,” McGregor added. “So, it’s interesting times. Life is good.”

How about that folks? Now sure, McGregor haters may not care for some of these comments, but when Silva was 26, he hadn’t even fought for PRIDE yet. To be fair, however, MMA was nowhere near as big as it is today.

When GSP was 26, he had become one of the UFC’s biggest stars, no question. But, he hadn’t quite reached the superstardom level he attained shortly thereafter.

All this aside, McGregor is set to take on Aldo at UFC 194 on December 12th. Will the “Notorious” hype train get derailed?