Both Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes have upcoming fights booked, but talk and debate about their memorable scrap last month isn’t over.

Since McGregor stopped Mendes at UFC 189, much of the post-fight analysis has focused on the fact that the latter didn’t have a full camp to prepare. As a result, many have wondered whether things would have been different, if Mendes hadn’t taken the fight on short notice.

But, others have also pointed to the body kicks that McGregor repeatedly landed, as another reason why Mendes gassed out. Well,¬†evidently Mendes doesn’t agree with this line of thinking.

During a recent appearance on “UFC Tonight”, here is some of what Mendes had to say about McGregor and the kicks he was landing (quote via Bloody

“I mean, that [the short training camp] was 110% the factor of the loss in that fight,” Mendes said. “You know, I’ve seen him saying like ‘oh it doesn’t matter if he took a short camp for this fight, you know it was the body kicks that slowed him down and stopped him.’ None of those body kicks hurt at all. There wasn’t a time where any of those that landed where I was like ‘argh, my liver,’ you know. There was no type of body pain for that.”

“I know it, he knows it, everybody knows it – you know, I go out there with a full camp destroy that guy 10 out of 10 times…”

Now sure, McGregor fans will argue that Mendes is just saying this, as there’s certainly a good chance the two will meet again. But,¬†it’s hard to argue that Mendes wasn’t at a disadvantage heading into the bout. That doesn’t mean that McGregor wouldn’t have won anyways, but it certainly raises questions.

McGregor will fight Jose Aldo on December 12th at UFC 194, and Mendes will take on Frankie Edgar December 11th at the TUF 22 Finale.