Erick Silva will throw down with Neil Magny tonight at UFC Fight Night 74, but for weeks, the welterweight was preparing to fight Rick Story.

Yes, until recently, Silva was scheduled to fight Story, originally on June 26th, and then August 23rd. Their first encounter was postponed as a result of visa issues, and then not long ago, Story dropped out due to injury.

Although Magny was submitted by Demian Maia on August 1st, he agreed to step-up, and jump into the co-main event spot a few weeks later. Now that’s impressive no?

Recently Silva talked to MMA about tonight’s fight, and while discussing the differences between Story and Magny, he said this:

“We had to change our strategy, of course, but we always train everything,” Silva said. “We have to train wrestling, jiu-jitsu, boxing and muay thai. If the other guy is tall, short, a wrestler or a striker, we have to train everything. The strategy changes, but we did it perfectly.”

“Neil Magny is taller and likes to strike, and Rick Story is shorter and is a complete fighter. I don’t see Rick Story as tougher, but he’s more complicated due to his style,” Silva said. “You have to be focused on not getting taken down when you strike. Neil Magny likes to trade more. He also has good takedowns, but a top MMA athlete has to be ready for everything today.”

There’s no doubt both Magny and Story are talented and rugged fighters. The latter is currently ranked #10 at 170, while Magny is #15. In fact, until Magny ran into Mr. Maia and his galaxy class ground game, he had won seven straight.

It’s a big, big fight for Silva, who is looking to score his third straight win and move into the coveted top 15.

UFC FN 74 will be hosted by Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In the main event, Charles Oliveira will take on fellow featherweight contender, Max Holloway.