Recently it was announced that Diego Sanchez has decided to compete at a fourth weight class, and now the fighter has outlined why he’s making the move to 145.

Sanchez made his way into the UFC by fighting at 185, before he dropped to welterweight, and then eventually, 155. The rugged vet eventually returned to 170, but more recently, he’s been competing at lightweight once again.

Well,¬†following the news that Sanchez will battle featherweight contender Ricardo Lamas on November 21st, the fighter appeared on “The MMA Hour”. Of course, he was asked why he’s decided to drop to 145, and Sanchez relayed that he’s “tired of being the small guy.”

After citing the benefits that Jon Jones and Luke Rockhold enjoy in their respective divisions, due to their size and reach, Sanchez had this to say about Conor McGregor (quote via MMA

“And all in all, the real truth is, when I saw Conor McGregor drop down to 145, the guy is my size, if not bigger. Straight up. The guy is my size, if not bigger. And I was like, wow, look at this guy, he’s holding a huge size advantage going into all of his fights. He has the reach. He has the leverage. It just made sense. To be able to see someone my size do it and do it effectively and do it correctly, it just made sense for me to do it.”

Yup. There’s no question McGregor is a big featherweight, and¬†it’s one of the reasons a lot of folks believe he’ll defeat Jose Aldo on December 12th.

It’s also interesting to hear Sanchez talk about McGregor, as the two have had several verbal battles in the past. A bout with “Notorious” likely won’t transpire any time soon, but you never know…never say never in MMA.