Conor McGregor certainly hasn’t been shy about trash talking many, big UFC names, but Donald Cerrone has informed the featherweight doing so with him, wouldn’t be wise…

Most of McGregor’s targets to date have been his fellow 145’ers, but “Notorious” has also sent verbal jabs in the direction of Diego Sanchez and Rafael dos Anjos, among others.

Well, Cerrone recently appeared on Chael Sonnen’s podcast, “You’re Welcome”, and the lightweight contender proceeded to relay that he’s pretty upset with the champ dos Anjos. The reason being, apparently, is because Cerrone recently ran into his next opponent at the UFC Fan Expo. According to Cerrone, he and RDA got along just famously, but then later, the champ started in with the smack talk on Twitter.

According to a follow up report from MMA,  Mr. McGregor also came up, and here is some of what Cerrone had to say about the brash star:

“Conor’s just good at f***ing talking s**t,” said Cerrone. “If I was to fight Conor and he gets on public TV and talks s**t that wouldn’t fly with me. At the first opportunity of seeing him I’d check him.

“We might be crossing paths but who the f**k knows. I’d welcome that. Hopefully he talks s**t and I slap the s**t out of him, pump the pay-per-views up and I make four million dollars.”

And there you have it. Clearly Cerrone has some pretty strong feelings regarding this issue no?

Now, since McGregor is the featherweight interm champ and is set to fight champ Jose Aldo next, he’s probably a ways away from fighting Cerrone. But, if and when he moves to 155, don’t be surprised if he crosses path  with”Cowboy”.

Cerrone, meanwhile, is going to rematch RDA this year, however, no date has been set. The two met in 2013 and dos Anjos won the fight via UD.