TJ Dillashaw and his Team Alpha Male teammates may have an ongoing rivalry with Nova Uniao and Jose Aldo, but you won’t hear him criticizing the champ for pulling out of UFC 189.

As you may recall, Dillashaw was set to rematch Aldo’s buddy and training partner, Renan Barao, back in April. But, the bantamweight champ fractured his ribs in training, and Dillashaw had to withdraw. Aldo, as you know, also had to drop out of his scheduled fight with Conor McGregor a few weeks ago, because of a rib injury.

Dillashaw is set to face Barao now at UFC on FOX 16 on July 25th, and while talking to MMA recently, he was asked about Aldo’s situation. Here is some of what the renowned fighter had to say:

“It was definitely impossible to fight through the injury,” Dillashaw said. “Mine was a fracture, so they wouldn’t even let me fight because it was too dangerous. Even with separated ribs, bruised ribs or broken ribs, I don’t think you realize until you have that injury how much it affects you…”

“I feel bad for him; that was going to be Aldo’s biggest payday to date,” Dillashaw said. “Defending your belt, that’s putting a lot on the line and having something that’s going to affect you that much isn’t worth it; it’s not like you got a bruised hand or something small like that, this controls you entire body.”

Yup, other than McGregor and his diehard supporters, it seems like a lot of folks understand why Aldo elected to opt out. Dillshaw also made the point that since McGregor has defeated Chad Mendes and will face Aldo next, the latter has lined up another huge payday.

It remains to be seen when Aldo-McGregor will go down, but it looks as though it won’t take place until the end of the year.

Dillashaw-Barao II, meanwhile, will take place in Chicago, Illinois. Dillashaw stopped Barao last May to end the fighter’s reign as champ.