Jose Aldo recently held a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, and although it remains to be seen when the champ will return to the cage, he’s already telling his biggest rival to get ready.

Yes, that rival is Conor McGregor, who Aldo was supposed to fight at UFC 189 last weekend, until a rib injury forced him to withdraw. McGregor went on to stop Chad Mendes in the second round, however, and laid claim to the interim title while doing so.

Aldo reportedly relayed at that presser that he didn’t watch the fight, but that his coach, Andre Pederneiras, filled him in on the details. Aldo said he was predicting Mendes to win the bout, but that his coach told him “Money’s” cardio cost him the bout (the Nova Uniao instructor also apparently thinks it was a quick stoppage).

While discussing the fallout from UFC 189, Aldo also relayed this (quotes via MMA

“Chad is a really tough fighter, but it wouldn’t be that good financially (to fight him a third time),” he said. “We considered fighting (McGregor) injured, I like those big events, and I was training well. We asked for a deadline to try to recover and fight injured, but I wasn’t recovering as expected. I still feel the pain. I would have fought if I could., but I couldn’t.

Yes, it would have been interesting to see what kind of buzz Aldo-Mendes III would have generated, and although the latter is a very talented fighter, the champ’s likely right on this. Aldo already has two wins over Mendes and the last one took place just last October.

Of course, the pound-for-pound contender also had a few things to say about “Notorious”, including the following:

“Get ready, I’m coming,” Aldo warned McGregor. “He can say whatever he wants, but his weapons are nowhere near what I’m showing him.”

How huge is that fight going to be? Let’s just hope, and cross our fingers, that it goes down this year.