As Chael Sonnen continues to work through the second year of his suspension, could the “American Gangster” be thinking about a comeback? As one of his managers recently speculated? The answer is apparently no….

Sonnen is currently serving the second year of the suspension he was handed by the Nevada Commission in 2013, after he tested positive for several PEDs, leading up to a scheduled fight with Wanderlei Silva. The 38 year-old fighter would be eligible to apply for a license to fight this time next year, if he wanted to…

Recently one of Sonnen’s managers, Mike Roberts, relayed that he believes the fighter will launch a comeback. But, while appearing on “The MMA Hour” recently, here is what Sonnen had to say about Roberts’ prediction (quote via MMA

“Yeah, [Roberts] is wrong about that,” Sonnen said. “He’s told me that before, too. He’s told me, ‘I don’t think you’re done. I think that there’s more.’ So, that is his opinion. He wasn’t just talking out of school on that one. But I am not going to fight again, if that’s what you’re asking. I am done fighting.”

Now could Sonnen just be saying that? It’s certainly possible, as the former middleweight contender certainly has a flair for the dramatic. But, when you consider that Sonnen hasn’t fought since November, 2013, when he was stopped by Rashad Evans, it’s not surprising to hear him say he’s not coming back.

Sonnen closed out his career having gone 1-3 in his last four fights, however, his other losses came against Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. You may have heard of them,

Following his suspension, Sonnen admitted he took banned substances, and accepted the commission’s decision.