Alrighty, the prelims for UFC Fight Night 70 are about to get underway in Hollywood, Florida, so let’s jump to the action…

Sirwan Kakai vs. Danny Martinez

Round 1: Both men come out aggressively. Martinez is winging some big left hooks. Kakai takes Martinez to the mat, but Martinez pops back up. Wow. Kakai floors Martinez with a knee to the jaw but Martinez is hanging in there. Martinez is back up. Martinez eats another knee but is still fighting back. Impressive. Martinez fires a head kick but it’s blocked. Martinez storms in with a flurry. Great action. Round ends.

Round 2: Bantamweights continue to offer a decent volume of strikes. Martinez digs a big left to the body. Martinez plants another left but Kakai shrugs it off. Kakai shoots in and gets the takedown. Martinez gets to his feet but takes another knee. Kakai takes him to the floor again. Kakai is attempting to move to Martinez’s back. The latter works his way out and up. Martinez is amped up. Throws a flying knee that misses. Round ends.

Round 3: Pace of the fight hasn’t slowed much at all. Martinez lands a cracking left but Kakai doesn’t blink. Kakai continues to throw clean, straight punches. Martinez plants a right. Kakai shoots in but gets stuffed and takes a knee. Kakai throws a standing elbow that misses. Kakai changes levels and lands a nice TD. Kakai briefly takes Martinez’s back but loses the position. The latter is back up. Kakai fires another knee. Wow. Martinez is chucking shots and Kakai is just grinning. Fight ends. Great stuff.

Sirwan Kakai def. Danny Martinez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Steve Montgomery vs. Tony Sims

Montgomery is huge–6’4 tall welterweight. Sims flurries in but takes a nice counter right. Sims changes levels but Montgomery defends. The latter is against the cage. Montgomery works his way out. Both guys fires hard shots. Wow. Sims takes a knee and stumbles. Crazy. Sims comes back, chucks a left bomb, and Montgomery hits the deck. Another left from Sims flattens Montgomery face first. Ref stops the bout. Montgomery is protesting the stoppage but he did appear to be out briefly. Big win for Sims.

Tony Sims def. Steve Montgomery via TKO (punches) R1, 2:43

Lewis Gonzalez vs. Leandro Silva

Gonzalez fires a right to start the bout. Silva wings a headkick that is blocked. Gonzalez storms in and pushes Silva to the cage. The latter sweeps Gonzalez to the mat. Nicely done. Wow. Gonzalez counters by diving for a leg and takes top position. Silva gets up and out. Silva chucks a hard, hard kick to the body that Gonzalez blocks. Silva comes charging in with a knee but gets taken down. Silva is hunting for a heel hook but can’t get it. Silva gets back to his feet. Silva spins with a kick that misses. Gonzalez shoots in and gets the TD. Round ends.

Round 2: Both men look pretty fresh. Gonzalez pushes Silva to the cage but the latter works his way out. Now Silva has Gonzalez against the fence. Silva briefly takes Gonzalez to the mat. Silva rewinds and this time puts Gonzalez on the floor. Silva looks for an armbar as Gonzalez attempts to move out and the latter winds up on top. Silva kicks him off and is back up. Gonzalez gets grazed with a kick after missing with a spinning back fist. Gonzalez changes levels but Silva moves to his back. Round ends.

Round 3: Silva comes in but Gonzalez fires back with a big right that just misses. Gonzalez pushes Silva to the cage but gives up under hooks, and gets reversed. Gonzalez breaks out and chucks a few punches. Silva counters and opens a small cut above the right eye of Gonzalez. Gonzalez fires a kick to the body.  Silva lands a hard knee to Gonzalez and in the ensuing scramble, takes the back of Gonzalez. Silva loses the position and Gonzalez is on top. The latter lands a couple punches from above. Silva gets to his feet and lands a shot. Round ends.

Leandro Silva def. Lewis Gonzalez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)

Joe Merritt vs. Alex Oliveira

Round 1: Oliveira comes out and pushes Merritt to the cage. Merritt is doing a good job of defeating the TD. Oliveira almost trips Merritt to the mat but doesn’t get it. Merritt reverses the position briefly. Oliveira picks Merritt up and throws him to the mat. Oliveira has Merritt’s back. Wow. Merritt manages to turn around and takes top position. Merritt with a hard elbow from the top. Action is back standing and round ends.

Round 2: Merritt plants a right. Oliveira charges in but can’t get the clinch. The latter tries again and spills to the mat, but gets right back up.Merritt changes levels but Oliveira gets the TD. Oliveira had Merritt’s back but loses the position. Merritt’s on top. Merritt cracks Oliveira with a right elbow and “Cowboy” is cut. Now Oliveira has Merritt up against the cage. Wow. Oliveira has Merritt’s back standing and is hunting for the RNC. They fall to the floor. Crazy. Merritt works his way to the top position again. Round ends.

Round 3: Oliveira comes out again and¬†quickly pushes Merritt to the cage. Oliveira with some knees to the legs of Merritt. Oliveira drops down, looking for a TD, but can’t get it. Crazy. Oliveira attempts to sweep Merritt to the mat, loses position, and in the scramble, takes a big knee. Oliveir slams Merritt to the mat. Merritt gets back to his feet but is brought to the mat again. Gruelling fight comes to an end.

Alex Oliveira def. Joe Merritt via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)