Jose Aldo’s training camp for his highly anticipated bout with Conor McGregor was derailed recently while sparring, and the featherweight champ’s teammate has outlined how how it went down.

Unless you’ve been travelling the world in a hot air balloon the last couple of days, sans a smartphone, you’ve heard about Aldo’s injury. For now, the massive fight is still a go, but initially it certainly looked like Aldo was going to have to drop out.

Of course, anyone who has followed fighting for a long time, or has done some training, knows that injuries can happen in a blink of an eye. Recently Aldo’s sparring partner, Alcides Nunes, relayed to MMA how the rib injury that’s rocked the MM A world occurred.

“I threw a kick but slipped with all the sweat on the mat, and ended up hitting his rib,” Nunes said. “I was mimicking McGregor’s unorthodox style, things he does in the fight. I’m also left-handed, my style is similar to his, so that’s why they asked me to be part of his camp, but I ended up slipping and causing this injury.”

“He finished the round, and then decided to stop,” Nunes said. “I’m sure he would continue to train if he could. He’s a warrior and was really well prepared for this fight.”

There you have it. Nunes also added that he’s pretty “sad” about what’s transpired, and that’s not surprising, considering the ramifications of the kick. Nunes, if you’re wondering, has gone 5-0 in pro MMA bouts to date.

Now the MMA world will anxiously await to see if Aldo can make it to fight day, or if Chad Mendes will get the tap…McGregor-Mendes would be great too, no question, but keep your fingers crossed that Aldo is ready to go July 11th.

UFC 189 will be hosted by the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and will also feature welterweight champ Robbie Lawler taking on Rory MacDonald.