Makwan Amirkhani was incredibly emotional Saturday at UFC Fight Night 69.

Amirkhani made the decision to leave his home and his mother behind, moving to Sweden and joining the All-Star Gym in Stockholm. It all paid off, as he was able to give his family in attendance a first round submission win over Masio Fullen.

“I moved to Stockholm after my UFC debut and told my mom they are not going to see me for a while,” he said. “I have to try one time to give 100-percent. I didn’t answer her calls or messages…this is my present to my mom.”

After locking up the submission and victory, Amirkhani asked for the fans to point out where his mom was in the O2 World Arena. After seeing them, he broke down, crying inside the Octagon.

In his debut, Amirkhani landed a flying knee and knocked out Andy Ogle in eight seconds. This one took a little longer, but still didn’t last past the two-minute mark.

See the emotional moment in the video below: