A lot of people were pretty amazed at how well Jose Aldo dealt with the antics of Conor McGregor during the “World Tour”, but according to the featherweight champ, that might change as UFC 189 approaches.

Aldo is set to fight McGregor at the July 11th event, which will go down in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bout is one of the most highly anticipated in recent history, because it features the storied champ in Aldo, taking on the fastest rising star in the sport.

Of course, a lot of the hype is tied to McGregor’s brash persona, and the fact that he’s repeatedly insulted Aldo. During their media tour, McGregor was constantly in Aldo’s face, and at one point, even snatched the belt away from the champ. Aldo was clearly ‘annoyed’, but all things considered, he kept his emotions in check.

Well, recently Aldo spoke to MMA Fighting.com, and while doing so, he made these interesting comments about his upcoming, pre-fight festivities with “Notorious”:

“It would be great if there’s a brawl. I hope that happens. That’s what people want,” he said. “I’m paid to beat people up so, if that happens, it would be wonderful. I hope I can beat him up. The fun is over, it’s going to be for good now. After this staredown, he will give up doing anything he was planning to do. You will see.”

“I’m usually calm, he’s the one trying to promote himself. We’ll see when we’re face to face, and I will let my hands do the talking for me,” Aldo said. “He can say whatever he wants, but he will feel my answer when the time comes. I’m sure he will be afraid, I felt that when I looked into his eyes. I’m going after him. He’s never fought a guy like me before.”

There you go. It’s going to be a fascinating fight week, no question. Will there be a brawl? One would think the UFC will have all hands on deck to make sure nothing too crazy goes down.