Although most fans and pundits believe Luke Rockhold will be a considerable challenge for Chris Weidman, the UFC champ continues to say he’s better in all areas of combat…

Rockhold is expected to face the middleweight champion later this year, as a result of a four fight winning streak, which includes stoppage wins in all of them. Up until April 18th, the consensus was that “Jacare” Souza would fight for the title next, but after Rockhold cruised through Lyoto Machida at UFC on FOX 15, he moved into the #1 contender spot.

Since the victory, Rockhold has argued that he’s a superior striker and grappler than Weidman, and clearly the “All American” disagrees. Weidman recently spoke to MMA about the former Strikeforce champ, and here is some of what he had to say:

“He’s good looking. I’ll give him that,” Weidman said. “Other than that, he stinks at everything. No, he’s good. He’s well-rounded. It doesn’t matter. Any of these guys at my weight – I’m just running through everybody.”

“What’d he say?” Weidman asked. “He can beat me at everything? He can’t beat me at jiu-jitsu, he can’t beat me at stand-up, and he can’t beat me at wrestling.”

It’s an interesting debate isn’t it? Especially since each man uses elements of their games in different ways. Most would likely say Weidman is the superior wrestler, since he is a former NCAA Division 1 All-American, and has effectively incorporated those skills into MMA. Weidman is also a BJJ Black Belt and has one of the nastiest top games in the biz.

But, Rockhold has very good defensive wrestling, and has a ridiculously dangerous ground game as well. The contender is also extremely athletic, and is equipped with one of the more diverse and explosive striking games in the division. Weidman, however, is also no slouch on the feet.

Guess this is why Weidman-Rockhold could be one of the biggest fights of the year. Particularly if it goes down at Madison Square Garden as the UFC reportedly hopes.