Last year, Anthony Birchak was set to make his Octagon debut vs. Joe Soto.

That didn’t happen, but Saturday night, Birchak and Soto were locked inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 68.

In just a matter of moments, Birchak finished the fight, knocking out the former Bellator champion and one-time UFC title contender.

“I trained for a world champion and hat’s off to Joe Soto,” Birchak said. “Am I dreaming? This is a dream come true.

“(To his family) I am coming home with a big, big win.”

Officials moved Soto into a championship match on that night in 2014 after Renan Barao passed out during weigh-ins. Birchak also mentioned that it took him “one round” to finish Soto, while T.J. Dillashaw didn’t do that until the fifth.

“I wanted to get my hands on him,” he added. “I wanted to make him dizzy (with my hands).”