Recently the Nevada Commission announced it will be punishing performance enhancement drug users much more severely, but it sounds like Michael Bisping believes they aren’t going far enough.

Earlier this month, the NSAC buzzed the MMA world by announcing longer suspensions and heftier fines for fighters who test positive for banned substances. For example, competitors who test positive for steroids will receive a three year suspension for their first offense, four years for their second, and a lifetime ban for the third.

While many believe the heftier sentences should have been introduced long ago, or that they’re still not sufficient, at least the organization is stepping it up.

Well, Bisping has plenty to say about PED users over the years, since he’s fought several fighters who have failed post-fight drug tests, or have run into issues with the commission. In a recent media call to promote his July 18th bout with Thales Leites, here is some of what “The Count” had to say about the issue (quotes via FOX

“I’ve fought many guys over the years that have used performance-enhancing drugs, so obviously I have a very dim view of that,” Bisping said on a media conference call Wednesday. “I’ve always been a hardworking, honest-working guy; the only thing I take are protein shakes and that’s it. Blood, sweat and tears (are) in my preparation. I’ve had injuries in the past from guys using performance-enhancing drugs…”

“If you’re taking performance-enhancing drugs and you get caught, in my mind, you should be banned for life.”

There are more than a few people who agree with Bisping. It should also be noted, however, that the middleweight contender credited the NSAC for introducing harsher penalties. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see what transpires over the coming months, and whether we see less fighters testing positive.

Bisping will face Leites at UFC FN 72, which will go down in Glasgow, Scotland. The British fighter will be looking to build on the decision win he scored over CB Dollaway in April. The Brazilian Leites, meanwhile, choked out Tim Boetsch in his last outing (at UFC 183 in January).