Recently Jose Aldo’s renowned coach Andre Pederneiras announced he plans to step down as head coach for Nova Uniao next year, and Conor McGregor maintains the decision is born out of doubt…

Pederneiras plans to still teach at the famous Brazilian gym, but he’s decided he doesn’t want to worry about the demands of being the team’s head coach, which includes cornering a ton of fights.

Well, McGregor was recently asked about Pederneiras’s decision while speaking to the media, and here is what “Notorious” had to say (quote via MMA

“Maybe it’s announced that [Aldo is] gone as well, because his coach is gone,” McGregor said. “How’s his coach gonna say he’s gonna retire when his fighter has the biggest fight of his life coming up? C’mon, what is that? They’re done with the game.”

Now does McGregor honestly believe this is a sign Aldo’s ready to check out of fighting? Maybe. But it could be, probably is, another attempt to get in the featherweight champ’s head.

McGregor also followed up with this zinger:

“Maybe Andre can come over here and chill out with me and hold pads for me,” McGregor said. “We can do a little bit together maybe. If he wants a job, he can have a job here.”

Guess Pederneiras could take that as a compliment right? And chances are McGregor could learn a few things from the man who’s helped build the greatest featherweight of all time…

Aldo-McGregor will headlined UFC 189, which will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.