Anderson Silva has repeatedly said he never knowingly used PEDs, and as the fighter’s hearing with the Nevada Commission approaches, his frustration regarding the scandal is clear.

As everyone under the MMA sun knows, Silva allegedly tested positive for several banned substances earlier this year, including a couple types of steroids. Silva has maintained his innocence since, and it’s been reported his camp will argue the substances found in his system were used for therapeutic means only. Silva broke his leg in 2013 while facing Chris Weidman for a second time, and also had back issues last year.

Well, as Silva waits to find out when he’ll appear in front of the Nevada Commission and offer his defense, the former middleweight champ posted the following on Instagram (translation via MMA

“About my doping case, I’m waiting for the commission and my lawyers. I’m not a cheater and I never had a juiced body. Just watch my fights in Japan, when I fought at 176 pounds because there was no 185 pound division, and the guys I fought cut from 220 to 207. So for those ‘experts’, go search real facts.

“I apologize to my followers and fans that give me strength and criticize me with the intention to help me instead of bringing me down, because I don’t want you to think that I’m being rude with you. I’m just tired of listening to lies and false accusations…”

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens, but chances are, Silva will be suspended for the remainder of 2015. If all this was going down this fall, “The Spider” would be facing a three year suspension instead of one. That would have meant Silva would be 42 before he was eligible to fight again…