In an interesting and somewhat surprising development, as Daniel Cormier gets set to fight Anthony Johnson at UFC 187, he’s exchanging more words with Ryan Bader than his next opponent.

As you probably recall, Bader was set to fight Cormier on June 6th, but after Jon Jones was arrested and stripped of the title, “DC” was tapped to fight Anthony Johnson for the vacant belt. Bader started outlining why he should face the winner of the upcoming scrap, and somewhere in the social media mix, an exchange with Cormier ensued.

Well, recently Bader was asked to weigh-in on Cormier’s argument that he’s attempting to cut the title shot line, and here is some of what he had to say (quotes via MMA

“If anyone’s cutting the line, it’s him,” Bader said, while referring to Cormier’s decision loss to Jones in January. “He got his ass whooped, and all of a sudden, he gets another shot at the title against a new guy.”

“So Cormier comes out and says I haven’t beaten anybody to deserve the title shot, and it’s like, who the hell have you beaten in the top-10 at all in the 205-pound division? You beat Dan Henderson, who’s a middleweight, and a couple other guys that are not even top-15.”

How about that for some fighting words huh? It will be interesting to see what the UFC elects to do with Bader, considering the run he’s been on and his ranking (#5). Will he get tapped for a title shot next? Or will the UFC book another fight for him, considering Johnson or Cormier probably won’t be ready to fight again until fall?

UFC 187 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.