It’s kind of been looking like Tyron Woodley’s campaign for a fight with Johny Hendricks was going to come up short, and now the welterweight’s confirmed he’s been told as much.

Woodley has been driving hard for a bout with Hendricks, who is currently sitting in the #1 contender spot, while “The Chosen One” is #3. Since Rory MacDonald won’t challenge champion Robbie Lawler until July 11th, Woodley’s been making the case that “Bigg Rigg” should fight in the interim.

Well, Woodley recently appeared on MMA Radio, and while discussing his bid to fight Hendricks, he relayed the following (quote via MMA

“It really was in Johny’s court,” Woodley said. “And you know Johny, he’s not scared to fight anybody. I’m not proclaiming that he’s scared of me and he don’t want this matchup…But why wouldn’t I try to get under his skin a little bit and try to make him take this fight, because I want to intercept where he’s at. I’m kind of sick of the trilogies and the rematches.

“Last week, they called me and said, ‘Johny said he wants to wait.’ I’m like, ‘Wait? You get an option? When did we get that? You get an option to wait and watch the fight?’”

Apparently so, and really, it’s not too surprising. The UFC initially was hoping to go with Lawler-Hendricks III next, but the latter elected to face Matt Brown in March (when it was announced the new champ wanted some time off). Hendricks went on to win the bout via UD, so now, one can kind of understand why he wants to wait for a title shot.

In terms of Woodley, it will be interesting to see what’s next for the well rounded fighter.