Brad Tavares steps inside the Octagon Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 65 to meet Robert Whittaker in the co-main event.

Being that he’s currently in Australia, Tavares has taken in all of the hoopla over the UFC-Reebok apparel deal from afar. Still, he has some very interesting thoughts, as he told Submission Radio.

“I think it’ll help a lot of guys. I think there’s some guys out there in the UFC now that don’t really have good management, good people looking after them to help really actively get out there and get them sponsors,” he said. “You know, luckily for me I don’t have that problem. I have a really good manager. He’s always out there grinding, trying to get me money, and he gets me paid. You know I’m really happy with it. So I think it’ll help some guys.

“But then the guys that are on the upper echelon, the champions, the contenders, the top five guys, I think this will hurt them a lot. I think that those guys make, as is, a lot more money than what they’re going to get paid by Reebok, and I also believe that – I hope it doesn’t go away completely – but I know a lot of the sponsors pay us to do appearances and just do these things for them in between. Because that’s where we really need the sponsorship help, is in between.

“As fighters, we only get paid to fight. So the only other time we get money is when we do things like that; seminars, appearances, stuff like that, signings. And I think a lot of that will go away because these guys are really – you know, they want to help us, and it is an advertising thing, but they’re really paying to get their name in the octagon where it’s seen most.”

For now, though, Tavares can push all of that to the back-burner and focus in on Whittaker, who presents a stiff challenge.

“You know I think I definitely, for once in my career I’m the veteran guy here. You know I’ve got more octagon experience, I’m a little bit older, and I think I’ve fought a little better opposition than he has,” he said. “I really don’t think he’s faced anybody like me as far as being a complete mixed martial artist, and I think I’m just that; a complete mixed martial artist.

“I think I’m a little quicker, I’ll be a little bigger and stronger. I’m really confident that I’ll go out there and get the victory. I’m not looking past Robert at all.”