As far as Luke Rockhold is concerned, the UFC middleweight champion when he faces them can be either Chris Weidman or Vitor Belfort.

Rockhold, coming off a convincing win over Lyoto Machida, is believed to be the No. 1 contender and next man to challenge for the title. Weidman will defend the belt later this month vs. Belfort at UFC 187.

“Really, I win either way,” said Rockhold, during a recent interview on Submission Radio. “Either way I think it’s a beautiful match up for me on both ends, it’s a big sell.

We got Weidman. You got east coast, west coast, you got an all American battle, and you got the true champ. I mean the guy went out there and dominated – this would be his third Brazilian legend in a row. So he would undeniably be the best out there in middleweight for some time.”

A title fight with Belfort, meanwhile, would give the former Strikeforce champion the chance to avenge a 2013 knockout loss in Brazil.

“And (with) Vitor, then you got bad blood. Then you got that genuine rivalry, and you got me coming for revenge,” he said. “I love it either way.”

That “rivalry” with Belfort has yet to subside since the Brazilian admitted to using TRT during several of his bouts, including vs. Rockhold. That has bothered the AKA-trained fighter, and he isn’t about to let up.

“Vitor is a joke,” he said. “I’ll say it and I’ll say it again. The guy hasn’t fought clean once in his whole life. I think his whole career is a joke. But I’d be more than willing to go out there and finish that one too. That’s my opinion.”