We continue to hear from various fighters about the recent arrest of Jon Jones,and his removal as UFC champ, and one of the latest to weigh is arguably his greatest challenge to date.

Yes, that man is Alexander Gustafsson, who pushed Jones to his limits in September, 2013, but lost by decision. The bout was so close, and so epic, that thousands of people were calling for an immediate rematch after the scrap. Jones elected to face Glover Teixeira, however, and ultimately Gustafsson’s quest for a rematch was sidelined by Anthony Johnson in January.

Gustafsson has never given up on his dream to face Jones one more time, and it’s not surprising to hear that he had some interesting things to say about the former champ’s recent arrest. According to a report from MMA Sucka.com, here is what the Swedish star recently had to say about Jones on his Facebook page:

“I think it’s very tragic for the sport — for him, himself and for the UFC,” Gustafsson said. “It affects all fighters, the whole sport and the organization. I think it’s very tragic and I don’t wish that to anyone — that type of addiction or whatever it is, whatever the thing he has. I only wish that he will get better from this and learn from this.”

“I also want to say that he is the best guy in the world, he is the champion and he is the best pound for pound, no doubt about that. It’s also very tragic because all of the fighters are working very hard to get to that position to face him for the title and to become the world champion. So, he hasn’t lost that title from competition; he lost it because he did stupid things. Even if I go up there and I compete and I win the world title, it’s not the same because you want to get that belt from the best guy in the world, so I think it’s very tragic.”

Even if you’ve never been a fan of Jones, there’s no question it’s a bad situation all around. After all, we are talking about a man who had been making a convincing case that he is the planet’s best-for-pound fighter, and was quickly zoning in on G.O.A.T. status. Jones was doing all this despite the fact he’s just 27…

So, while both Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier are extremely talented fighters, whoever wins on May 23rd will be more of an interim champ in most people’s minds.

That fight will headline UFC 187 which will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.