Depending on who you talk to, you might receive a mixed reaction on what went down in the UFC 186 headliner. For hardcore fans and MMA purists, Demetrious Johnson demonstrated once again why he may be the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, and therefore, you should never miss one of his fights.

For others, yes, Johnson may have dominated Kyoji Horiguchi for the win, but they weren’t on the edge of their seats while watching him do so. In fact, like some of the folks in the Bell Centre, they may have been booing the renowned fighter.

Yes, despite the fact Johnson continues to steam roll through the opposition, “Mighty Mouse” still has his fare share of detractors. They either criticize him for not finishing fights, which is demonstrably false, or that he doesn’t buzz fans because he’s not a big trash talker.

Well, following UFC 186, Dana White was asked to weigh-in on the heat Johnson continues to take, and the UFC boss man stated the following (quote via MMA

“It’s kind of sad that Demetrious Johnson has this thing hanging over his head, he’s not this, he’s not that,” White said. “He does everything the exact way he’s supposed to. He comes in with a game plan and follows it to the letter. He’s just one of these guys that has to put his head down, keep doing his thing and you have to respect him.”

“Anderson Silva wasn’t the biggest star ever when he was champion,” White said. “Chuck Liddell wasn’t a big star for a while. His day will come.”

Yes, there’s no question that you have to respect Johnson, and respect him a lot. After all, we are talking about a man who has only lost twice to date, and those defeats came against larger men in Dominick Cruz and Brad Pickett. The flyweight champ has already defeated four of the top five contenders in the division…

But, it remains to be seen if more people will come around, in terms of supporting him. Silva was a highlight reel, KO machine, so was Chuck Liddell. While Johnson has also demonstrated stopping power–ask Joseph Benavidez–barring the introduction of a Conor McGregor like shtick, sadly, he may continue to struggle as a draw.

UFC 186 went down at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.