Alrighty. The latest UFC on FOX card is under way, and the preliminary card will feature several, well established vets, including Jim Miller, Takeya Mizugaki, and Ovince Saint Preux, among others.

Below are the Fight Pass prelim results, and the play-by-play for the rest of the card follows.

Tim Means def. George Sullivan via submission (arm-triangle-choke) R3, 3:41

Diego Brando def. Jimmy Hettes via TKO (doctor stoppage due to cut ear) R1, 5:00

Chris Dempsey def. Eddie Gordian via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Aljamain Sterling  vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Both men come out aggressively. Sterling looks for a takedown but can’t get it. Mizugaki briefly takes Sterling’s back. Sterling breaks away and is looking for another takedown. Sterling lands a few knees to the body. Follows up with knees to the leg. Ref breaks them up. Sterling fires a kick but nearly gets hit with right hands from Mizugaki. Sterling shoots in and briefly takes Mizugaki down. The latter gets swept to the mat, but once again, he gets back up. Sterling attempts a spinning backfist. Round ends.

Round 2: Sterling fires a head kick that gets blocked. The bantamweight follows up with a takedown. Mizugaki gets back up though. Sterling breaks away from the cage, changes levels, but Mizugaki sprawls. Mizugaki attempts a flying knee hat misses. The rugged vet follows up with a few punches. Sterling shoots a double. Mizugaki gets up but Sterling takes him down again. The American works around to Mizugaki’s back. Round ends.

Round 3: Mizugaki is pressing forward. Sterling shoots in but Mizugaki defends at first. Sterling keeps working it and gets the vet down. Mizugaki gives up his back. As Mizugaki attempts to turn around, Sterling catches him with an arm-triangle-choke. Wow. Mizugaki taps. What a finish.

Aljamain Sterling def. Takeya Mizugaki via submission (arm-triangle-choke) R3, 211

Gian Villante vs. Corey Anderson

Anderson comes out and is keeping busy with kicks and punches. Villante plants a leg kick. And does so again. And again. Anderson changes levels but Villante defends the takedown. The latter fires off another leg kick. Anderson flurries in with punches and a kick. Anderson takes another leg kick but counters with a hard right. Anderson with a nice one-two. Villante follows up with a few more leg kicks. Villante goes high with a head kick and it grazes Anderson. Entertaining opening round. Anderson takes a couple more leg kicks. Villante fires off another. Round ends.

Round 2: Villante lands a jab and another leg kick to begin the round. Anderson is still moving forward. Anderson chucks a hard left. Villante chucks a few more leg kicks. Anderson responds with a couple hard punches. Villante eats a right. Both men are staying busy with punches. Villante follows up with three more leg kicks. Crazy. Anderson threatens with a takedown but Villante defends. Anderson checks a kick. The latter is fires off a nice combo. Round ends.

Round 3: Anderson checks another kick. Follows u with a high kick that’s blocked. Villante loads up on a right. Anderson fires a nice jab, checks another kick. Anderson fires a spinning back fist and then a spinning kick. Villante has slowed down. Anderson comes in with a flying knee that’s blocked. Anderson is keeping very busy. Villante lands a hook. Both guys are coming in with hard shots. Villante plants a right. Wow. Anderson is rocked big time and falls into the cage. Villante lands another shot and the ref jumps. What a finish.

Gian Villante def. Corey Anderson via TKO (punches) R3, 4:18

Patrick Cummins vs. Ovince Saint Preux

OSP throws a jab and a kick. Cummins attempts a right but takes a kick to the body. OSP wings a head kick but gets taken down. OSP jumps right back up. Wow. Cummins blasts in with a double leg, but OSP pops back to his feet. Cummins clinches up. OSP chucks a big knee to the body. Follows up with a jab. OSP chucks a big left, attempts a spinning kick but gets taken down. Yet again, however, OSP gets back to his feet. Cummins plants a right. OSP wings a couple hard shots. Cummins storms in but OSP moves away, lands a counter. Wow. OSP attempts a takedown attempt but Cummins defends. OSP drops Cummins with a hee-uge uppercut, swarms in, and puts the light-heavyweight with shots from above. Another highlight reel finish for OSP.

Ovince Saint Preux def. Patrick Cummins via KO (punches) R1, 4:54

Beneil Dariush vs. Jim Miller 

Miller wings a right hook that misses. Miller follows up with a leg kick. Dariush with a leg kick. Both guys are winging some hard shots. Miller lands a good left. Dariush plants a hard leg kick; follows up with a Superman Punch that misses. Miller comes in but takes a knee for his efforts. Dariush is looking for a single leg but gets swept with a Kimura attempt. Wow. Beautiful. Miller transitions into a triangle choke attempt but Dariush gets out. Dariush is on top. Miller moves into rubber guard. Dariush backs out. Round ends.

Round 2: Dariush comes in with a knee and pushes Miller to the cage. Dariush gets the takedown and is looking for the arm-triangle-choke. Miller hits a fantastic sweep and drops back for a guillotine. Dariush gets out and moves into mount. Miller gives up his back. Dariush almost locks up an arm-triangle. Miller takes an elbow and gives up his back again.  Dariush continues to hunt for a choke. Can’t get it. Round ends.

Round 3: Miller comes out aggressively and Dariush changes levels. Dariush pushes Miller to the cage and then trips him to the floor. Dariush is still looking for an arm-triangle-choke, but changes approach, moves to north-south. Dariush is back in Miller’s guard; then passes. Miller gives up his back again. Stand ups, tries to slam Dariush off his back but it doesn’t work. Dariush is looking for a RNC but Miller continues to defend. Miller attempts another slam but this time he lands face down. Round ends.

Beneil Dariush def. Jim Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)