So the prelims are over for UFC on FOX 15, and now it’s time to move to the main card, which will see Lyoto Machida battle Luke Rockhold in the headliner.

Let’s get to the main card action.

Paige VanZant vs. Felice Herrig

Both strawweights come out firign. VanZant clinches up and fires some knees. VanZant hits a trip but Herrig takes her back. Herrig dives for an armbar but gets slammed. VanZant gets back to her feet. Herrig has VanZant up against the cage. They break apart but VanZant pushes Herrig to the cage. VanZant throws Herrig to the mat. VanZant lands a fews shot from above. VanZant drops back for a heel hook but the round ends.

Round 2: VanZant attempts a kick but falls to the mat. Herrig rushes in. They clinch against the cage. VanZant lands a couple of knees. VanZant attempts to take Herrig to the mat, loses the position and then reverses. Lots of scrambling, Herrig has VanZant against cage. Wow. They spill to the mat again and VanZant winds up on top. VanZant lands a series of shots from above. Herrig swings for an armbar but VanZant pulls out. The latter throws down several punches from above. Round ends.

Round 3: Both women throw kicks to begin the round. VanZant clinches up and throws Herrig down once more. VanZant lands several more shots from above. Herrig looks for a heel hook but eats several punches in response. Herrig moves to VanZant’s back but loses the position. VanZant is flurrying punches down from above. Herrig just can’t get out from the bottom. VanZant adds some elbows to the menu as well. Round ends.

Paige VanZant def. Felice Herrig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

Max Holloway vs. Cub Swanson

Holloway throws a front kick to start things off. Holloway comes in a right and then a kick that Swanson blocks. Holloway storms in and Swanson counters with left. Holloway lands a right. Swanson throws a couple of kicks. Wow. Swanson follows up with a  kick and then wings a punch. Holloway throws a hard knee. Swanson is having difficulties findingt his range. Swanson’s left eye is pretty, pretty red. Swanson lands a left. Holloway fires a spinning back kick to the body. Another kick from Holloway to the body. Wow. Holloway fires a spinning kick that just misses. They flurry hard to end the round. On replay it shows Swanson took a big right hand.

Round 2: Swanson comes out firing in round two. Holloway chucks a kick and then flurries to the body. Swanson is pursuing Holloway and the latter is looking to counter. Swanson changes levels but Holloway counters with a choke attempt. Holloway wings a big overhand right. Holloway continues to counter well. Swanson eats a stiff jab. Swanson continues to pursue Holloway but is having problems breaking through. Holloway plants a big left. Round ends.

Round 3: Swanson could need a stoppage to win. Swanson clinches up and pushes Holloway to the cage. Both men land lefts. Swanson lands another hard left. Swanson attempts a spinning kick but slips to the mat. Holloway lands a couple of big shots to the body and Swanson goes to the mat. Holloway moves into an arm-triangle-choke. Wow. Swanson defends and Holloway gives it up. Fights on its feet. Swanson lands a nice kick to the body but eats a left. Holloway lands another big left and jumps on a guillotine. Wow. Swanson finally taps. What a win for Holloway.

Max Holloway def. Cub Swanson via submission (guillotine choke) R3, 3:58

Chris Camozzi vs. “Jacare” Souza

Camozzi fires a leg kick to begin the fight. Fires another. Souza comes in with a kick and then plants a big right. Souza lands another body kick but eats a jab. “Jacare” explodes in and lands a double leg. Souza passes. Beautifully done. Souza rolls into an armbar. Wow. Camozzi taps. What a performance for the #1 middleweight contender.

“Jacare” Souza def. Chris Camozzi via submission (armbar) R1, 2:33

Luke Rockhold vs. Lyoto Machida 

Machida fires a left to begin the fight. Rockhold returns with a leg kick. Machida lands a left and Rockhold taunts in response. Machida plants a couple more shots, but winds up on the ground and in a guillotine attempt. Machida defends but Rockhold has full mount. Machida moves to a deep half guard but backs off. Machida gives up his back after attempting to scramble out. Machida gets up but gets dragged back down. Machida rolls but Rockhold is still on top. Machida almost gets back up again but gets taken down. Rockhold starts landing big, big shots from above. Machida looks battered. Rockhold goes for a choke. It looks like he almost had it but Machida escapes. Machida takes a big elbow. Round ends.

Round 2: Machida’s right eye is swollen. He still looks shaky. Rockhold fires a kick to the body. Machida throws a right that misses. Rockhold lands a right. Machida loads up on a left but misses and falls to the mat. Rockhold’s on top again. Machida gives up his back again. Rockhold locks up a rear-naked-choke and Machida taps. Massive win for Rockhold.