It looks as though 2015 will conclude without Anderson Silva fighting again in professional MMA, and if the legend has his way, he could spent part of 2016 competing for the Brazilian Taekwondo Olympic Team…

Yes, according to reports on Monday, Silva has notified the Brazilian Taekwondo Federation (CBTKD) that he would like to participate in the coming games, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

According to a report from MMA, the organization recently sent out this statement, which quoted Silva saying:

“Everyone knows that for a high performance athlete, the Olympic games are the dream of every athlete, and so it would be no different with me,” Silva reportedly said. “When I won the title of ambassador of the sport by president Carlos Fernandes, this feeling started to get even stronger and, in my country, the Olympic spirit made me very motivated.

“It will be a great pleasure to be part of this team and that gold has a serious institution, led by president Carlos Fernandes … along with his entire team. So I leave here registered my desire to represent Taekwondo and Brazil in Rio 2016 Olympic Games with all my esteem, strength and honor.”

Now if you didn’t know, Silva is a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, so clearly the soon to be 40 year-old knows a little something about the sport. The question is, however, whether the UFC or the Olympic brass would sign off on this.

As you know, Silva is scheduled to appear in front of the Nevad State Athletic Commission in May, after he allegedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in January. Silva has denied ever knowingly using PEDs, but if the case holds up, he’ll likely be suspended for the remainder of the year. His decision win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183 will also be overturned.

So, considering Silva missed all of 2014 with a broken leg, and that he’ll probably be sidelined for the remainder of 2015, one would think the UFC might not approve of these plans. Then again, they might have no say in the matter. It could also depend on just how much time Silva would need to compete in the games.

One things for sure, if Silva were to compete, the ratings for the Taekwando competition would likely go through the roof…