Conor McGregor has made more than a few bold predictions since he entered the UFC, and now his next opponent, Jose Aldo, is turning the tables.

As you know, McGregor has repeatedly argued that he will put away the featherweight champ on July 11th, and has raised plenty of eye brows while doing so. There’s no question that McGregor has showcased some pretty scary, stopping power during his UFC run, but Aldo hasn’t been finished in nearly ten years…and that was by submission.

At any rate, recently Aldo was asked to weigh-in on McGregor’s predictions while speaking to the media in Brazil, and the champ offered this response to MMA

“He always says the fight will be over in four minutes, but I believe it won’t last four minutes. I will catch him earlier.”

How about that? McGregor has been stopped just two times since he turned pro, and both of those losses were also by submission. “Notorious” hasn’t taken much punishment since he arrived in the UFC, but one could certainly argue that he hasn’t been facing the level of competition Aldo has.

The 28 year-old champion was also asked if his rivalry with McGregor has surpassed the one he has with Team Alpha Male. Aldo proceeded to say no, since according to him, after they fight at UFC 189, McGregor will “disappear.” Aldo furthered that Team Alpha Male will always continue to produce fighters who will be “fighting with us at the top.”

Now based off comments like those, it certainly sounds like McGregor’s incessant trash talking and antics have gotten to Aldo, but when asked about that subject, the champ stated (quote via Bloody

“That’s nothing for me. That’s business, promotion. We hype it so the money invested by the UFC in this tour will be back with the fight.”

Regardless of whether you believe Aldo completely here, there’s no denying that there’s a ton of hype tied to this fight. UFC 189 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card will also feature welterweight champion Robbie Lawler taking on Rory MacDonald.