Al Iaquinta won his fourth straight bout at UFC Fight Night 63, but the lightweight’s post fight interview is what has lots of people talking.

Iaquinta took some heavy, heavy shots during his co-headliner with Jorge Masvidal, but the rugged fighter stayed in the fight and was ultimately awarded the split decision win. The decision was not welcomed by everyone, however, and a lot of fans in attendance booed the result as as soon as it was announced. Some fans continued to boo as Iaquinta began his post fight interview.

The 27 year-old proceeded to ask the crowd if they were booing him, and after relaying he had his fought his heart out, he hurled an eff you back at the fans…

Well, Iaquinta was of course asked about his angry outburst after the fight, and here is some of what the heavy handed fighter had to say (quotes via MMA

“Maybe they were booing the judges, but I don’t think there’s any reason to be booing me. I laid it all out there. I took my beating in the first round, and I came back. I think I showed a lot of what I’m made of. It hurts to hear the people booing me. I hope they weren’t booing me. I don’t know what they could be booing. Maybe just the decision, they didn’t agree with it. But, it just, it bothered me.”

“I looked in the crowd and I saw two kids – I look up and I see two kids giving me the finger,” Iaquinta said. “It just kind of – it was what it was. It set me off. I saw those two little guys and I was like ‘Ah, if you were standing in here right now, what I would do to you.’ And I just got so heated. But, everybody up here, we train so hard…”

Yes, if you thought Masvidal should have been awarded the fight, lashing out at Iaquinta for the judges’ decision is ridiculous. The fight was also pretty entertaining, so there was no real cause for complaints in that respect either.

Now it will be interesting to see who Iaquinta faces next. He was ranked #15 in the UFC’s lightweight division heading into UFC FN 63. Masvidal was sitting at #14.