March 14th, 2015 was not a night the Pettis family wants to remember, and it looks like the brothers have decided it will mark the last time they fight on the same card.

Sergio and Anthony Pettis both competed at UFC 185, and Sergio was stopped by Ryan Benoit, before “Showtime” was outscored by Rafael dos Anjos and lost the lightweight championship. In the past, the Roufusport teammates have fought on the same card–like UFC 181–and both brothers were victorious. But after what went down earlier this month, it looks like they’ve decided to change things up.

Anthony recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and while discussing his unanimous decision loss to dos Anjos, he stated (quotes via MMA

“The biggest thing I think I’m gonna change is me and my little bro fighting on the same card,” Pettis said. “The first time it went amazing, the second time not so well. He got knocked out, I had to watch that and get up mentally for my fight. Not making excuses or nothing, but them little things could have triggered my performance.”

“He gets knocked out and then you gotta reset the battery, reset everything and try to get back up for the next fight,” Pettis said. “I think it was just a little bit too much for everybody emotionally to go through. Next time if I’m fighting in a big fight like that, it has to be all about me.”

Pettis reportedly went on to say that he doesn’t believe Sergio’s defeat “messed” him up “mentally” for his fight, but one can certainly understand how it may have affected his performance.

The former champ once again noted┬áthat his vision was impaired early on, after dos Anjos landed that big punch. But, Pettis added that┬ádidn’t affect his ability, or inability in this case, to stuff takedowns and cut angles. A few days after the fight it was revealed that Pettis incurred a broken orbital bone during the bout.

So, now it will be interesting to see how the brothers rebound from their respective losses.

UFC 185 was hosted by the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.